St Margaret 2 - beware of an angry woman weilding a distaff

4th June 2021

A second picture from Notre Dame du Tertre. St Margaret has been taken to the Abbot and is really angry. No she will NOT be married to whoever he may be.

Notre Dame du Tertre

3rd June 2021

Notre Dame du Tertre A few years ago we visited Chatelaudren a small town in Brittany not far from where I had stayed with a family a long time ago. The reason this town is of interest is the 14th century chapel...

My New Braces

16th March 2021

  My New Braces    During the first long shutdown I needed to keep active so  I gave myself a project to do - to weave some new braces  So here it is. This all started when I saw a picture of a Norwegian lady in her wedding dress...

Inkle braids

10th March 2021

Here are samples of the braids I wove for the workbook. They are based on those used by the Sami people who keep reindeer and live in the North of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia

Did people in Britian knit in Tudor times?

7th December 2020

Did they knit in England in Tudor Times? How many uses of the word knit were current in Tudor times? If they didn’t knit then what did they wear for their ‘hose’? If they did knit do any patterns exist? When was hose first knitted in England? These questions needed an answer when I was asked to spin wool suitable for someone to knit hose that would have been worn in Tudor times...

Inkle Workshop - get the latest version

27th November 2020

This is how we used my stash.  In the small town near where we live there was a lovely shop called ‘Sew Something’ owned by Liz Greenbush. Every now or then I’d drop in for a chat and we would talk about what each of us were doing...

Thin braids for Christmas

2nd December 2019

This year I have made a number of inkle braids, of aboout 25 ends of 16/2 cotton each some 5 meters long. These will be used to tie up presents for the family.

At last the strap for my bag is finished!

24th August 2018

It has taken a couple of goes to get this plaited braid even along its length and long enough to use. I made it from 12 double ends each 2 metres long and ended up with a strap 1.6 metres long. Sometime I think I'll have a go at a plait using 16 ends - but it may blow my mind getting it right!

I've had a go at this plait

30th May 2018

This plait has 12 parts and took some time to get it going. And you have to keep counting - 2 over, 2 under, 1 over etc. Hand woven plaits are a good way of making lots of things such as braces, bell and light pulls, curtain ties, and woven onto bags and so on...

The Amberley Spinners make blankets

9th January 2016

Amberley Spinners keep residents warm These blankets held up by three of our members were made by everyone at our Tuesday meetings. They were given to residents in our village to help them to keep warm in cold weather – when it comes!

Sarita gets it right!

26th April 2013

At a recent weekend workshop Sarita learned to use a drop spindle before moving on to a spinning wheel.