Learning to spin

My Godmother taught me to spin in her garden some 50 years ago.  She had learnt at Ethyl Mairet’s studio in Ditchling years before. I became a member of the London Guild, and later, when we had moved to Amberley, I joined the Online Guild. I run spinning workshops at local museums, at Guild meetings, and here, in Amberley.
Successful spinning comes from an understanding of the wool one is using, how spinning works, and becoming comfortable with using a wheel. It takes a little time to coordinate the use of one’s eyes, hands and feet all at the same time! So I always introduce the skills in stages; building on one before moving on to the next. 
While I was acting as Chair of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Dyers, & Spinners, I introduced the Foundation Certificate in Spinning which is now followed by many Guild members. So if you are a member of a Guild this would be something to aim to get.
I have a number of spinning wheels, one made in the 1840’s, some different Ashford wheels, and a Schacht. You can try them all. They all work well!
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