Inkle braids

I have been weaving inkle braids for nearly forty years. My main interest lies with re-creating the patterns of braids woven by the Sami people which I make into bookmarks as presents for friends, or as thin ribbons for edging garments or to tie up presents, Alice bands and friendship bracelets.
Also, I weave uniquely coloured braids for use as luggage straps that keeps everything together and are easier to spot on the luggage carousel – they’re very popular (one was even used as a tow-rope after an accident!)

Inkle workshops

It’s fun to ‘inkle’ and you can learn to weave a simple inkle braid in one or two days either as an individual or as one of a group of not more than 6 persons. Bring your own inkle loom or use one of ours. Please let me know if you would like to join a small group.

The inkle workbook

My Inkle workbook is based on my experience and of seeking out interesting patterns to weave. It takes you from the start before moving on to making braids with pick-up designs used by Sami people and others. There are 30 pages of information with colour photographs and weaving diagrams for you to follow. 

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Making Inkle Braids - An introduction to weaving inkle bands

Book now available as an e-book download for £10.00 or bound print edition for £15.00.

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