My New Braces


 During the first long shutdown I needed to keep active so  I gave myself a project to do - to weave some new braces

 So here it is.

This all started when I saw a picture of a Norwegian lady in her wedding dress. The dress went to the floor. It had an inkle band that went around her waist then down to the floor, too. These braids took time to make and were passed on down the family over the years. Some bands had a date or initials woven in at one end. Just imagine what this must have meant for a family able to recount the names of each person who would have worn this for their wedding over the ages.

 How long did they take to make? Well, I'm not too sure. But my braces took over one hundred hours to complete. Much longer than I thought! Imagine how long it may have taken the Norwegan lady to have woven her braid over the winter taking an hour or so a day when the light was best - possibly the whole winter.



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