Did they knit in England in Tudor Times?

How many uses of the word knit were current in Tudor times?

If they didn’t knit then what did they wear for their ‘hose’?

If they did knit do any patterns exist?

When was hose first knitted in England?

These questions needed an answer when I was asked to spin wool suitable for someone to knit hose that would have been worn in Tudor times. Why? Well I was unsure that wool was knitted at those times. So I tried to find out and for the next five months I went on a hunt.

I contacted the V&A Museum, the London Museum, and the British Museum and elsewhere. I was shown the remains of some children’s socks that were found in a disused well possibly dated in the 16th Century but we weren’t sure they were knitted.  I searched through an extract from Henry V111’s Wardrobe book (by Maria Heyward) and later searched through Elizabeth 1st’ Wardrobe book (by Janet Arnold) as well; both these are huge books containing lots of detail from which to make a search. And finally came to an answer.

If you are interested to learn more then why not invite me to give a talk to your Guild or interest group.


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